4 common enquiries you meet everyday in your Photography Business

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  • 13th August, 2019

Owning a Photography business usually takes a lot more than quality gear and a creative eye to make it big professionally. The number one attribute in this challenging environment is understanding your daily enquiries and your strategy to convert them into your customers. Are you already aware of these common enquiries you face every day in your business everyday?

1. The Poster guy:

This is one of the most common enquiries you might often get, if you own is very great looking studio, also when you have attractive posters around town and excellent marketing team. The poster guy has checked out your instagram presence and your banners near your stores and is now interested in you. Having him already impressed with you, you can easily convince him to give you business for a wedding/outdoor shoot, or even give you a word of referral. So if you meet this person, Catch him and never let him go!

2. A Random reporter:

The Random reporter is a curious person, who is suddenly introduced to your work and is interested to know more about your work and cost. He is usually not a very good potential and mostly would waste your time giving you hopes. He might rarely give you business however would ask a lot of questions in the services you offer and the pricing. This is because the reporter has no intention to give you any business but just interested to know more about you. Be aware to quickly realise when a reporter shows up so you can save your energy, time and HOPES!

3. Instagram Followers:

Having a very strong Online presence always give you an upper hand in marketing yourself and showcasing your portfolio to the world. However the number of online visitors is not directly proportional to the direct walk ins to your store. These instagram followers would always be interested in your work, giving you a steady business, however there could be some who might expect you do give them a service for free. The conversion to business is just 7% and only if you immediately respond these online enquiries, you might be able to convert these enquiries and interests into potential leads/Customers. So act quickly!

4. The referral guy:

The referral guy is a fan of yours and does a free marketing to your work. You have already worked with him and he has enjoyed your service and would like to spread the word of your good work. Being able to create such worthy referrals can take some time and however all these efforts would bring in big cash flow to your business. One common difficulty would be price comparison and negotiating a higher price terms, which could ruin the interest. So manage those expectations carefully!

Grasp the moment and act on these benefits and difficulties for each type of potential enquiries. This will help you refine your marketing strategies and also give you a well-rounded understanding of your photography business.

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