Secure and seamless photo selection software for Photographers

Share and showcase your event photos with your clients, quick photo selection and photo correction with much efficiently and easily.

Upload Photos



Upload Photos

Impress your Clients with an Client gallery

Complete Album proofing with your clients at a 10x speed, where you track the photo selection and image corrections real time.

Personalised and branded Client Portal albums

Brand your client portal with your Logo and offer your brand value, make this a perfect value add-on to your customer experience and earn more referrals with your service.


Deliver Images Instantly

Quickly share event photos with your clients in your custom portal to view, select, download and correct Images on any mobile, tablet or desktop.

Smart Image Compression

Compress Images by optimising the image algorithm to the minimum image size needed without compromising the image quality.

Protect your digital creation with WaterMarking

Superimpose your brand logo automatically on event photos, to capture your client’s attention with your brand’s copyright ownership.

Powerful features to empower your business to the next level

Client Portal

Share branded Client portal with your customers and enable them with event photos at their fingertips. Use this client portal as a sneak-peek of the photo shoot or share image highlights from the event you are working.

Lead Generation

Improve your cross customer interest with higher engagement and gain new clients by promoting your business and service.

Track Client Activity

Visualise and track your client activity every time they access the photos and images from the client portal, as they like, mark and share the images during photo selection and correction.

Album Expiry

Define specific time periods for the client portals shared with your clients after each and every event.

Access Control

Define User access control for your client portal with password protection against public access.

Secure Image Storage.

Store client photos with Pixsoffice in a secure way, and share access to various clients whenever needed.

Photo Selection with unlimited possibility

Create unlimited event, manage unlimited folder and upload unlimited photos. For Photo Selection software and Album Correction.

Best Photo Selection Software for all photographers

Champion the transformation at your photo studio business.