Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Pixsoffice ?

Pixsoffice is a Photo Studio management software designed to automate your business activities at your Photo studios. This is a cloud based solution which would help Studio businesses like yours to create and track your customers and customer related activities such as Enquiries, Events, Walk-Ins and Expenses. Pixsoffice is a one stop solution to automate your daily tasks in an error free and user friendly interface, which is designed with the latest technology and lets your organisation and streamline your work. Pixsoffice empowers the Studio Owners to have a multidimensional view of their work to plan and strategize every step ahead.

Pixsoffice is specially designed for the photo studio business and leaders in the photography world, who have to manage Customer Events, track and follow up on Enquiries, check on the photlabs, Assign different tasks to studio staff. Pixsoffice is a ready made solution with a simple and beautiful interface for Photo studios where the studios can upgrade and make their online presence strong with a Website hosting, custom mailbox and send automatic email notifications to customers on their activities and progresses. Studios can work on Pixsoffice web application or use Pixsoffice mobile apps on iOS and Android devices as well.

With Pixsoffice, You have a Customer relationship management functionality to track your Customer activities such as Enquiries, Events and Album Proofing. Expense and revenue management, help you project your outgoing and incoming transactions. Upgrade your online profile with Website hosting, analytics and domain specific email address and keep your customer engaged with automatic notifications.

In Pixsoffice, the Studio owners have complete control over their business activities where they have an option to function smartly, productively saving time and effort. Customer data can be collected, stirred and refer to that data in multiple stages of work. Email notifications, Smart sharing, Client proofing the digitalisation and standard of business operation improves. The reports and analytics in Pixoffice help studios to work on their performance and plan and strategize their business activities. With Website hosting, Website analytics, Professional and customised mail box, Photo studios are all set to impress their customers and grow in their business.

The CRM in Pixsoffice allows Studio business to focus the Studio staff’s effort in building a relationship with their customers and prospects, which helps them manage their new customers, provide required services, build trust by constant touch basing and notifications.

An exclusively built email for businesses and companies that are exclusively for the purpose of business is called a business email. These are emails that are sent using the domain that is customized and adds professionalism and credibility to the company or the organization.

Album proofing, in Pixsoffice involves the steps that are carried out by the photo studio and the photographers, where the photos are selected, processed and made into an album to be delivered to the customer.

Pixsoffice has Client proofing as a feature, where the photostudio can digitally share photos to the customers in an online environment, after a photoshoot event and collaborate and discuss with the customers on the photo selection process before album processing.

Smart share in Pixsoffice, is a feature which allows Studio staff to send Walk-in photos, Send payment reminders, notification, receipts, quotation, feedback form in one click without any need of additional customisation.

Pixsoffice can securely store all the customer information in multiple reports, which can be used by the Photo studio to send promotional ads messages to help grow their business and gather the feedback from the customers.

Yes, Pixsoffice has a feedback manager, where Studio staff can define the questions to be shared with the customer regarding their service and in one click the feedback form would be sent to the customer via email and SMS.

You can book a demo with our experts to view all the features and capabilities of Pixsoffice, by emailing us to [email protected]

Pixsoffice is available in the web-based version in the following browsers: Google Chrome from 30.0 onwards
Safari from 6.1
Internet Explorer from 11.0
Internet Explorer Edge from 12.0
Pixsoffice is also available in mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can use Pixsoffice in any browsers, but may not get the best experience. So Always use the latest version of your browser and preferred browser would be Google Chrome from 30.0.

Our terms of service can be found here and our SLAs are not updated.

Payments Questions

How does the Pixsoffice pricing work?

To know more about pricing, email us to [email protected]

There are no additional changes that would be charged by Pixsoffice. Pricing for Pixsoffice is explicitly available on the pricing page.

Email us to [email protected], if you wish to cancel your Pixsoffice account

Email us to [email protected], to extend your trial with Pixsoffice

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Support Questions

Pixsoffice has a mobile app for both Android and iOS. The app needs an active internet to be functional.

Pixsoffice does not restrict on storage of data, however, For Pixsoffice Share their is Limitation.

You can reach our team by [email protected] or call us on support number for that country

Security Questions

We are very serious of keeping your data secure and safe.

Pixsoffice uses SSL over HTTPS to encrypt your data over the wire. All data is encrypted at rest. We store your data in a world-class data center provided by Amazon (AWS cloud), where the data is stored in India and Malaysia for backup and recovery and to prevent data loss. The net banking information will not be stored in Pixsoffice and you can read our full privacy policy here.

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